Building and setting up QT environment for BeagleBone

There are too few information available on how to easily setup QT environment for building Beaglebone applications (command line or GUI). In this tutorial we will compile QT and setup the environment from scratch.

1. My environment

  • Host: Ubuntu 12.10 32bit (VMplayer)
  • Target: BeagleBone Black running Angstrom
  • QT: 4.8.5

2. Setup Angstrom cross-compile toolchain for Linux

3. Download and un-tar QT

 4. Create qmake.conf

Add the following to qmake.conf with your favorite editor:

 5. Configure QT embedded

 6. Build and install

“-j 4” will run the long build process reusing 4 CPU cores, you can change to your own CPU cores amount.

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