Flysky Arduino Transmitter for V911/V929/V939/V949/V959 Quadrotors

Following my previous post about reverse engineering Flysky TX, generous help from Deviation TX and several evenings with Logic and Scope, I wrote an Arduino library that currently tested on Arduino Due and Arduino Pro Mini 8Mhz – both of them working with 3.3v levels. I tried this code with Arduino Mega 2560 and level converters, but failed at this stage.

The library can be found here

I removed A7105 module from V929 transmitter and connected it as the following

Arduino Pro Mini

 Arduino Due

 How to use

  1. Load the provided example
  2. Turn on your quad and wait until the red led blinks steadily
  3. Open the terminal (or reset) your Arduino
  4. Check that the led stopped blinking after few seconds
  5. Enter channel number (0-7) and channel value (0-9999) with space between and press Enter


Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Flysky Arduino Transmitter for V911/V929/V939/V949/V959 Quadrotors

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  2. Great work! This is the first full implementation with working Arduino code I’ve seen for controlling a 2.4G quad or heli. I plan on getting a V911 pro and trying this out. Have you cracked any other protocols from this brand? The V262 interests me too because it can carry a larger payload so it should be able to carry a GPS module along with an arduino pro mini and 10DOF module.

  3. I’m trying to make your code bind to a v911 heli, without any luck so far. Do you know the settings required in model.cpp? I’m guessing there is a specific code for the v911 to replace the existing one (0x9000295C) for the v929)?

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