Adding nRF24L01based RX to MultiWii

Alpha code can be found on GitHub

Special thanks to

I chose Wltoys V2X2 protocol for this project, following variety of existing transmitters supporting it:

  • Devo 7, Devo 10 and all the other Deviation TX 
  • Cheap transmitter for WLToys  V202 V212 V222 V252 V262 V272 V282 V292 JD388 JD392 X30 X30V 1000A 1000B F180 F180C L6036 L6038 quadcopter toys

Required PIN change

I needed to change motor pins, because SPI (required for NRF24) uses pins 10 and 11 for SPI on PROMINI.

NRF24 Connections

Original pins changes


  • Relevant discussion on MultiWii forum
  • Another one –

Discussions about integration of NRF24 into MultiWii


Other useful information

MultiWii Standard Pinouts for Arduino 328p

  • Servo/Motors: D3, D9, D10, D11
  • Servo/Motors (Hex Copter): D5, D6 (or A0, A1)
  • Servo/Motors (Octo Copter): A2, D12
  • Receiver: D2 (throttle), D4 (roll), D5 (pitch), D6 (yaw), D7 (Aux1), D12 (Aux2)
  • Gimbal System: A0, A1, A2
  • Battery Alarm: D8
  • Status Led: D13
  • Lipo Monitor or Aux Input: A3
  • Sensors: A4, A5 (I2C)

Official pinout information:

MultiWii Pinouts for Arduino Mega

  • Servo/Motors: D2, D3, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10
  • Gimbal System: D44, D45, D46

 Hacking MultiWii RX projects

Other V2x2 Implementations


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