Parallella with kernel 4.4.3

Booting Parallella with latest Linux kernel has many benefits – docker support, security, speed. Thanks to kernelci project, it’s quite easy:

Prerequisites (needed for manual process only)

  1. Connect Parallella UART 3 pins and make sure you see boot messages
  2. Power up Parallella with no SD card inserted
  3. Set timeout for U-Boot


Prepare SD card

  1. Download official trusty image and burn it on SD card
  2. Download pre-built images
  3. Build uncompressed kernel image (uImage)
  4. Copy the following files to /boot partition

Manual Boot Process

  1. Hit any key during 5 secs delay in U-Boot to get prompt
  2. Load FPGA
  3. Load kernel, dtbd, set args and boot
    setenv bootargs ‘console=ttyPS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 ip=dhcp’

Automatic boot

I don’t feel confident enough to alter Uboot settings, but the following procedure seems to be working without any special bootargs:

  1. Put newly created uImage instead of 3.14 image on your Sd card /boot partition
  2. Rename zynq-parallella.dtb to devicetree.dtb (instead of the original)

Boot the device – for me it worked (no UART prompt)! 🙂



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