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Up until now I was posting stuff here and there and finally I decided to run a blog of my own. This blog mostly holds stuff I do when I have some spare time. Some of the posts might help other enthusiasts – if it does you are welcomed to leave a note (thanks)

I am Meir Tseitlin, software engineer and entrepreneur. My lovely wife Jane is the most creative person I know – you can judge yourself: http://www.janecreating.com/. Our little Mika is not yet virtually active, because Mark Zuckerberg is still not accepting profiles of her age, but she charming little angel.


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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Meir

    I’m trying to Use QT to develop a Biometric Clock on a BeagleBone Black.

    In you article you mentioned

    The Angstrom site has been down for 3 weeks.

    Do you have a copy??
    Would be most grateful if you did.


  2. Hi Meir,
    I am seeking consultancy and possible development services for a Magento based project. Searching linkedin I bumped into your profile (which let me to this site).

    If this is something that can be of interest to you please contact me

    Hezi Stern

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