Reverse engineering WLToys V911/V929/V939/V949/V959 FlySky protocol

I am trying to control the WLToys V929 with Arduino instead of the original transmitter. This is the whole information I found regarding this particular protocol

[28/07/2014] – Find here my working Arduino library

FlySky protocol information

Programming Arduino Due with Atmel Studio 6.1 and ASF

Sometimes Arduino Sketches concept is just not enough:

  1. You want to make a full scale use of ASF (Atmel Software Framework)
  2. You are willing to work with regular Static libraries and create a modular code
  3. You are willing to make a full use of Atmel Studio features

This tutorial is based on the following discussion explaining how to reuse Arduino Bootloader to download code to the board without use of external programmers.


  • You need Arduino environment 1.5.* installed
  • Connect your Arduino Due to Programming USB port

Creating a project

  1. File -> New -> Project -> C/C++ -> Arduino-Board -> Arduino Due/X – ATSAM2X8E
  2. F7 -> Make sure it is built correctly and you have *.bin file in your Debug/Release directory

Adding programmer support

  1. Create Batch file DueProgrammer.bat at some location with the following content:

    * change <PATH TO ARDUINO ENV> to your arduino environment installation path
  2. In Atmel Studio go to Tools -> External Tools
  3. Fill the following values:
    • Title: “Arduino Due Programmer”
    • Command: Select the file DueProgrammer.bat you created
    • Arguments: “COM6 $(TargetDir)$(TargetName).bin” (where COM6 is your Arduino programming port
    • Initial directory: $(TargetDir)
    • Mark “Use Output window” (all other checkboxes are unmarked)
  4. Click OK

For UDOO board users only

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Serial JSON-RPC Server for Arduino


Library code:

This is a simple implementation of JSON-RPC server for Arduino. This library is based on fantastic aJson library for Arduino (source code) and on initial unfinished work by someone from here.

This library is useful for controlling Arduino (Slave) from PC or external System-on-Chip (Master) over serial line. It is a lot easier and less buggy to perform remote procedure calls and handle results instead of implementing proprietary protocol with custom messages.

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Loading China clones of Arduino Pro Mini with different China TTL modules

This great tutorial from Julian Ilett describes possibilities of loading China clones of Arduino Pro Mini with the following Serial to TTL modules, widely sold on AliExpress, DX or Ebay:

  • FTDI FT232RL
  • Silicon Labs CP2102
  • Prolific Technologies PL2032HX

Those of you stragling in making those things work with no documentation attached to their received package will find it useful:

Udoo – Quad-core 1GHz ARM side by side with Arduino Due for $135


Few days ago I received my Udoo, another Kickstarter project, which I think is one of the most successful system-on-chip boards for DIY since Arduino Uno.

It contains Dual or Quad core Freescale i.MX 6 ARM clocked to 1GHz along with Atmel SAM3X8E (which is the same chip on 84Mhz Arduino Due).

Some cool features are:

  • Wifi / 1G etherenet / USB host or slave / SATA connector are on board
  • Arduino Due shield can be used as is
  • GPIOs available on “Arduino” headers can be drived by Freescale or Arduino
  • Can run Linux/Android (head or headless)
  • Arduino sketches can be loaded from internal Linux or externally
  • All for $135 (or $115 for dual core)

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