Tutorial: Using Matlab compiled classes from within Python

Unlike other Matlab features, it seems that using Matlab compiler for creating a Python package is poorly documented. It took me quite some time, mostly by trial and error, to understand how to use Matlab classes (classdef) from within Python.

In this tutorial we will discuss the following basic Matlab class:

Modifying the class for efficient work from python

We inherit our class from “handle”  (Handle classes define objects that reference the object data. Copying an object creates another reference to the same data.)

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Installing PyGrib on Ubuntu 14.04

pygrib is a leading python package for parsing weather GRIB files.

Install grib-api

Install pygrib

  • open setup.cfg
  • Uncomment grib_api_dir and set it to

  1. Save
  2. Run



Installing PyQT on Windows with Visual Studio



  • Visual Studio 2010 or later
  • QT for Visual Studio
  • Python 2.7 or 3

Installation Instructions

  1. Download latest Windows source SIP package from here and extract to some directory
  2. Run “Visual Studio Command Prompt” (which includes nmake in PATH)
  3. Run the following from within extracted directory:
  4. Download PyQT source code package from here extract to some directory
  5. Add qmake.exe path to PATH variable, e.g.:
  6. Run the following from within extracted directory:

  7. You are done!

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Text based Dialogs library for Robot Framework

Those familiar with Python based Robot Framework testing automation/ATP library, will probably not switch it to any other automation framework. Based on user friendly keywords, it allows to manage testing documentation along with test cases in a single file (e.g. html).

Most of the framework is text based and highly cross-platform, but for some reason it lacks inline user input features. The standard Dialogs library is window based and cannot run from within cli/ssh/telnet.

For those bumped into the same issue as I did, I re-wrote the implementation of the library using text only screens:

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Developing PySNMP based agent with Custom MIB


Let’s face it – PySNMP documentation is not very clear and well organized, yet for those of you willing to implement SNMP agent easily and efficiently, without the need to extend complicated C++ libraries (e.g. net-snmp) with dynamically loaded libraries, PySNMP might be a good start.

I followed Neal Charbonneau’s great tutorial and found it very helpful, but I needed an ability to define writable (SNMP SET) objects. The following code is more or less copy of Neal’s code, with ability to set testCount object from SNMP manager:


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Installing PySNMP on Beaglebone

Beaglebone Angstrom installation is missing some required python packages needed

  1. Run

    or download those packages from here (if you are offline): http://feeds.angstrom-distribution.org/feeds/v2012.12/ipk/eglibc/armv7a-vfp-neon/python/
  2. Continue with original installation instructions: http://pysnmp.sourceforge.net/download.html